Dear Customers, please note that the pricing on the website is not up to date, please contact us for the current pricelist.

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Hair Color
Short Hair Color: $45
Medium Hair Color: $55
Long Hair Color: $75
Short Hair Amonia Free Color: $50
Medium Hair Amonia Free Color: $60
Long Hair Amonia Free Color: $80

Hair Care
Just Cut – Dry Off: $30
Just Cut & Blow Wave: $35
New Look Cut & Blow Wave: $40
Wash & Cut & Blow Wave: $40
Fringe Trim: $10
Shampoo & Blow Dry: $25

Blow Waves / Roller Setting
Short Hair: frm $20 +wash/cut: frm $40
Medium Hair: frm $25 +wash/cut: frm $55
Long Hair: frm $30 +wash/cut: frm $65
Permanant Waves Short Hair: frm $65
Permanant Waves Medium Hair: frm $85
Permanant Waves Long Hair: frm $105

Kids Cuts
Kids Hair Cut (Age: 4-10Yr): $10
Students: $15

Hair Up (Hair Styling)
Short Hair: from $40
Medium Hair: from $40
Long Hair: from $40

Hair Treatments
Oil Treatment: $25
Conditioner Treatment: $30
Hair Straight: from $160
Karatin Hair Straightner: from $325

Hair Foiling
Few Foils Top: $50(S) $60(M) $70(L)
Half Head Foils: frm $65(S) $75(M) $85(L)
3/4 Head Foils: $85(S) $95(M) $105(L)
Full Head Foils: $120(S) $150(M) $185(L)

Mens Hair Cuts & Color
Mens Just Cut: $20
Clipper Cut: $15
Tips Cap (Hair Color): $35

Pensioners Hair Cuts
Just Cut for Ladies: $20
Just Cut for Gents: $20
Re-growth Amonia Free Colors: from $40
Re-growth Color: from $35