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Teeth Whitening Cranbourne

teeth whitening cranbourne

At Salon Esvees, I offer one of the best services for teeth whitening in Cranbourne for those who want results in one hour. This one-hour in-chair teeth whitening procedure is a patented whitening gel with a unique blue LED lamp from USA. After this teeth whitening treatment, your teeth could be up to 5 shades whiter, helping to reverse stains and discoloration from food, drinks and aging.

During this treatment, I will apply a rubber shield and liquid latex to protect your gums, and will then use the advanced whitening gel on your teeth for a total of 90 minutes. The blue LED lamp activates the gel and accelerates the whitening. If you are sensitive to the light, the shaded eyewear will help to minimize any discomfort.

The main benefit of in-chair teeth whitening is the immediacy of results – a significant change in whiteness is seen within a short period of time. However, some clients choose to maximize and maintain the results by following up with a 2nd or 3rd teeth whitening treatment.

Based in Cranbourne I cater to surrounding suburbs such as Berwick Springs, Lynbrook, Lyndhurst, Narre Warren South, Clyde North, Carrum Downs and some come all the way from Dandenong, Rowville, Hallam. 

Our instant, advanced whitening procedure can whiten your teeth with immediate results, at an incredible price of $325 per visit.

Feel free to visit or call me for a free teeth whitening consult.

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Before any teeth whitening treatments, we recommend that clients have their teeth cleaned by a dentist to remove any plaque build-up to ensure the best teeth whitening results.


Best Teeth Whitening Results

It is important to note that results will not be the same for everyone, as everyone’s teeth are different. Some people might find they are able to achieve a whiteness that’s several shades brighter than their existing tooth colour, while others may only achieve one to two shades whiter.

This is because teeth whitening involves breaking down the discolouration. How good the results will be depends largely on the cause of your discolouration.